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Expired Event

Blackout Fest

at The Ice Factory

155 Walnut Ave
Toronto, ON

August 10 — Aug 19, 2012

Starts: 6:00 PM
Ends: 2:00 AM
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Categories: Festivals & Fairs, Exhibitions & Shows

PRICE: $10 for full day
AGE: 19 +

BLACKOUT FEST – Join the Experience…
Focused on creating an inclusive artist community in Toronto, BLACKOUT FEST brings various art forms together with its 10 day Interactive Art Festival AUGUST 10 – 19 at The Ice Factory. This season showcases 35+ local and international artists in 10 different media, including, film, theatre, fashion, photography, DJs, solo artists, bands, sculptures, paintings, poetry, dance, and installations. Artists are tied together by a central theme, The Ultimate Question. Answering their own question, artists explore the answer in their work and present it in an interactive way which YOU can experience and become a part of.
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Any given day at BLACKOUT FEST brings new artistic experiences.
Imagine, it’s Friday night...
You walk in and your attention is surrendered to the ambiance that’s exuded through the lights and sounds in the room.
The night begins with an indie film, which proceeds into an interactive display of installations, emerging into a live musical performance. The art is the expression of the creator and their ‘ultimate question’.
Join the BLACKOUT FEST experience....

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