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Expired Event

CIRT Briefing - Atlanta

at Atlanta Marriott Marquis

265 Peachtree Center Ave NE
Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starts: 8:00 AM
Ends: 12:00 PM

Categories: Workshops

Despite all the investment in cyber security, organizations still struggle to meaningfully improve their cyber security postures. This is due to three obstacles plaguing organizations today

Over-reliance on Inherently Handicapped Signature-based Tools

Technologies, such as anti-virus, IDS/IPS and DLP, dont catch anything unless youve told them to look for it. They fail consistently in this new era of advanced persistent threats and exploits, such as Flame and Stuxnet.

Juggling Disparate Products

Once an incident is detected, there are usually several products used to analyze the compromise. This hinders root cause analysis, creates too much room for error, and doesnt allow for comprehensive remediation or proactive detection of the unknown.

Lack of Collaboration

Large organizations have multiple teams, each focusing on one piece of the cyber security puzzlecomputer forensics, network security, compliance, malware analysis and more. Manually correlating each teams findings in the event of an incident is inefficient and greatly increases the time to recovery.

CIRT 2 Overcomes These Obstacles

AccessDatas Cyber Intelligence & Response Technology (CIRT) is the first product to deliver analysis of data in motion, data at rest and volatile data within a single interface. Integrating AccessDatas network forensics, computer forensics, large-scale data auditing and malware analysis technologies, CIRT lets you see all critical data through a single pane of glass. And unlike other products, it actually provides enterprise-class remediation capabilities. So not only are you able to figure out whats happening on your network faster, youre actually able to do something about it faster.

Dont miss this opportunity to see this industry-first solution in action.

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