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St. Joe's Presents "Waiting For God" The Musical

at St. Joseph Secondary School

5555 Creditview Road
Mississauga, ON

May 30 — Jun 2, 2012

Starts: 7:00 PM
Ends: 10:00 PM
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Contact venue: (905) 812-1376

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Categories: Performing Arts, Music

PRICE: Adults: 10$ Child: 5$
AGE: All

The highly anticipated original musical, written and directed by Mr. Kelleher, hits the St. Joseph stage on Wednesday May 30th and runs until Saturday June 2nd 2012. The singers and musicians are sure to inspire and entertain, under the musical direction of Mr. Lamarche. Tickets are $5.00 for students and $10.00 for adults and will be on sale during all lunches closer to the show dates. Here’s a sneak preview:
After losing the love of her life, Mary is heartbroken, depressed, empty and feels as though It Will Rain everyday for the rest of her life. Though Allison and Carolyn attempt to convince her otherwise, Mary feels as though she’s Waiting For a Bus, that’s never gonna come. Enter Holly, a bright eyed country girl with big dreams who would rather Die Young then return home a failed singer. She arrives to meet Craig the Super Agent, but Rumour Has It he’s just a Super Creep. Before Craig can lure her away, Wally, Holly’s childhood sweetheart, appears in an attempt to confess his love. Though it’s Against All Odds, Wally tries to persuade Holly to come back with him. Holly refuses as she believes becoming famous will help her Know What Love Is. Their heated discussion is interrupted by Neha, who is in dire need of Help as she attempts to escape some mean girls who bully her. Luckily Neha’s friends convince her that they really want to Be With her and running away from her problems is no way to live life. Instead her faith should help her to be Livin’ on a Prayer.
Through all of this, everyone is curious as to when God will show up. Topics of heaven and Paradise are discussed, and all involved agree that the world can be a Mean place. Regardless, the human spirit is strong and inspires us all to Dream On and live life with a Party Rock Anthem. All are left wondering if God will appear, if love will overcome and if Mary will ever find Someone Like You.

Liezl Mejia
Amanda Muzzin
Erica Alligood
Jenna Fifield
Amir Robinson
Rhea Sabbharwal
Kevin Billiaminu
Andrew Fenech
Amanda Carvahlo
Brandon Young
Daphne To
Fatima Butt
Nicole Penny
Jessie Augimeri
Liana Timbol
Tori Barbosa
Joe Hogg
Bismah Basharat
Evelyn Krolicka
Nicole Istiphan
Cassandra Roach
Amy Hwang
Heather Elder
Michelle Monteiro
Monique Pineda
Ailana Sicat
Natalia Tafur
Raquel Dinis
Theresa Baladad
Zrinka Radman
Paolo David
Daniel Cuatico
Leo Andres
Brian Randria

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