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High Park is Toronto's largest public park featuring many hiking trails, sports facilities, diverse vegetation, a beautiful lakefront, convenient parking, easy public transit access, a dog park, a zoo, playgrounds for children, a couple of eateries, greenhouses, picnic areas, a bunch of squirrels and various events throughout the year.
High Park's 399 acres in the middle of Toronto is an excellent getaway for young and old people equally. There are many designated children's playgrounds, sports facilities, 18 picnic areas, hiking trails, large green spaces, waterfront trails, benches galore and the list goes on and on.



High Park has so many different plants and trees and flowers that you will discover a new species or pick a new favourite tree each time you visit the park. The most famous part is Hillside Gardens which starts by the restaurant in the middle and ends by the lakefront. If you're looking for more privacy, however, and enjoy quiet walks then the best places to visit are the long winding network of trails that are not as prominent to the weekend-visitors and many times you can walk for a long time and only come across squirrels and birds along the way. If you like company and prefer to be around lots of other people then the area around Grenadier Café and the duck pond are that places to be.
The Hillside gardens are spectacular every day of the day. There are several waterfalls in the middle of the gardens and two small bridges and the flowers around the water are breathtakingly beautiful. Don't forget to bring your camera! You can take hundreds of pictures and they'll all be unique - High Park is truly a photographer's paradise.

Picnic Areas

Each picninc area is marked with a wooden pole with a number on the top of it and reminders that no charcoal BBQs are allowed in the park. Also, please note that dogs are supposed to be on a leash everywhere except inside the designated dog park. I have, however, seen well behaved dogs off leash sitting around the benches and picnic tables and nobody will bother you for that. Not even the park rangers/guards.
There are garbage and recycling bins near each picnic area so please use them. It is very important that you clean up before you leave so others can enjoy the site just like you did.
For your convenience there are 7 washrooms across the park operating seasonally (some open all year).
Most people bring a combination or ready made food from home and meat and veggies to barbeque. While the parents prepare the food kids can play games on the grass which is nicely maintainted all year. There are several playgrounds in the park including the Children's Adventure Playground on the east side.

Toronto High Park


The zoo inside High Park in Toronto is located on Deer Pen Road and is accessible via the Parkside Road entrance. There is plenty of parking just in front of the zoo's entrance.
The zoo is open all year long from 7 am till dusk. There are 6 or 7 enclosed areas on either side of Deer Pen road where the animals of the zoo live. You can find bisons, deer, llamas, peacocks, highland cattle, etc. in the zoo.
The zoo dates back to the early 1900s when deer were kept inside High Park.
A chipmunk in Toronto High Park