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Pacific Coliseum

100 N. Renfrew St., PNE Grounds,
Vancouver, BC V5K 3N7

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Categories: Concert Venues, Sporting Venues

Pacific Coliseum is a large arena ideally suited for hosting large events and performances. It is the largest building within the Hastings Park complex and provides a magnificent setting for events as diverse as ice shows, boxing, basketball, hockey, concerts, circuses, large assemblies, and trade & consumer shows.
The Pacific Coliseum accommodates 15,713 in permanent seating, with provision for 2,000 temporary seats on the floor for concerts and spectator sports. For large trade shows, the building offers 80,000 gross square feet of exhibition area on the floor and 47,000 gross square feet on the concourse area, with a 14-foot wide ramp connecting the two levels.
Ceiling clearance from the floor is a sweeping 68 feet. Dressing rooms, office space, press working areas, exhibitors lounge and full ticket facilities are available within the building. For sporting and other public events, the seating capacities in the Pacific Coliseum arena range from 4,200 in mini concert stage to 17,000 in the round full concert or sports seating.
The Pacific Coliseum was proud to be the Official Venue for Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating during the 2010 Olympic Games.


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